Creating Powerful Radio - 340 pages-  ISBN-10:0-240-51928-0 
ISBN 13: 978-0-240-51928-9

Creating Powerful Radio Instructor Manual - 123 pages
ISBN # 978-0-24080985-4

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A complete and full Instructor's Manual
For Creating Powerful Radio by Valerie Geller, written by Melissa McConnell Wilson (with News curriculum contributed by Prof. Linwood Hagin, ISBN # 978-0-240809854), is available and will be provided to you upon request by FOCAL PRESS, if you are interested in using  Creating Powerful Radio for your class curriculum. ISBN # 9780240809854 -
The Instructor's Manual is available in electronic form to those using the Creating Powerful Radio book as a textbook for course curriculum. View a sample page of the Creating Powerful Radio Instructor Manual, click here.          to Order


 "I recommend it to those seeking a career in broadcasting"
    - John Dinges
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York


"I’ve been using Creating Powerful Radio for several years in my programming class, and have moved up to your new release. I’m using these textbooks in my course COMM375 Programming/Advanced Announcing.  My required texts are Beyond Powerful Radio, and I’m also requiring the Powerful Radio Workbook.
-Carl Fletcher
Department of Communication
Olivet Nazarene University
1 University Ave.
Bourbonnais, IL 60914

"I'm adding your book for use this Fall in our Announcing class and in another class.  I just downloaded the instructor's manual!"  
     - Peg Stewart Berger
Radio, TV & Film Instructor

"Never has the medium needed someone with [Valerie Geller's] vision and knowledge more.  In this new and vastly enhanced edition of Creating Powerful Radio, the reader will find a comprehensive and incisive schematic for achieving success in every aspect of station operations.   Valerie Geller provides professionals and students alike with an invaluable resource. 
     A new age of broadcast radio is upon us--one that will require great communicators, programmers, and managers more than ever.  Toward that end, this book constitutes a precious tool.”  

     - Michael C. Keith Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Boston College
Author: "The Radio Station"

"The [Creating Powerful Radio] 'Instructor Manual' is a great read, full of completely useful material! Makes me want to teach this in a class - seriously useful in  breaking down the steps and timelines with our guys. I love the observation and pictures exercises.This manual is an invaluable resource."    - Ann MacKeigan, Executive Producer CBC Toronto -Music Radio-  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

"I wish I could have read this book on day one!  Thankfully my students can.  [Valerie Geller offers] an unparalleled understanding of what makes great talk radio - and communicates it in a way that's refreshingly simple."
     - Andrew Edwards,
Breakfast Presenter - BBC Radio Leeds
Freelance lecturer/ (formerly Senior Lecturer in Radio Journalism)
University of Central Lancashire, UK


"Great Book, the reviews are right on. I am an instructor of Radio at Central Wyoming College in Riverton Wyoming...using your Creating Powerful Radio as my text book for all semesters."  
-John Gabrielsen
Rustler Radio  88.1 FM
Central Wyoming College
Riverton, Wyoming


"Anyone even considering a
career in radio should read this!"    
     -Adele Scheele, Ph.D,
Career Strategist, Author: "Skills for Success"

"I have used Valerie Geller’s Powerful Radio Workbook for ten semesters in our Radio Practicum course.  The new Creating Powerful Radio covers all areas of radio announcing and takes her previous book to another level of excellence for training future radio broadcasters.  Our current radio students can’t wait to use the new book next semester.  
     Creating Powerful Radio will develop radio students who will have the polish and ease of performance to be ready for excellence in their first radio gig.  Arm your radio students with proven and powerful techniques to keep their audiences. Get them Valerie Geller’s book now!”  
   - Linwood A. Hagin, Ph.D.
Chair & Professor
Mass Communication Department
North Greenville University, Tigerville, SC

"This is one students will want to keep after the class is over!  I not only recommend Creating Powerful Radio as a text, I believe in this book so much, I built my curriculum around it AND wrote the Instructor Manual."
   - Melissa McConnell Wilson
General Manager/Faculty Advisor
ROP/CCCOE-Regional Occupational Program
Contra Costa County Office of Education
Concord, CA

"Creating Powerful Radio is great. It's the required textbook for RTV436JA - News Announcing II." 
- Donna Kakonge, BJ, MA -Professor/Communications - Seneca College/York UniversityToronto, Ontario, CANADA

  "I'm thrilled with this book.  We use Creating Powerful Radio as a text for our first and second year students and for our news classes.
   - Jeff Young
Broadcast Instructor
Mt. Hood Community College
Gresham, OR

"Valerie Geller has a gift for breaking down the basics of broadcasting.  This book explains important techniques for helping the beginner all the way up to the most seasoned pro. It is a way to think about radio as a larger medium, how to use the airways as a canvas, as an art. I highly recommend this and all of Valerie's books to anyone interested in radio broadcasting. These books should be in all broadcast schools and radio stations, no matter how large the radio station is. We all need reminding of how to create powerful radio."
-  Rusty Humphries
Syndicated Talk Show Host 

 "A couple of my best students took a glance through it and asked "What class will we get to use this book in?  Creating Powerful Radio will definitely be in my Fall line-up!"
     -Tammy Trujillo
Broadcast Instructor/News Anchor
KFWB/Los Angeles, CA

To read an excerpt from Creating Powerful Radio:



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or to request a review copy from Focal Press for your curriculum consideration go to

MORE COMMENTS from broadcast instructors about: "CREATING POWERFUL RADIO:

"I teach a course in broadcasting here in the Portland area.  We are set to use Creating Powerful Radio as a text.  I have the teacher’s manual as well. I really wanted to pick a book that students will be able to keep and use forever.  My house is full of old college text books that we never use and it drives me crazy -  This is a book [students] can reference for the rest of their careers. Thanks a ton."  (update from John Paul, Re: Creating Powerful Radio - October 2008:- "Valerie - I’m into my 2nd week of teaching my class at Mt Hood Community College.  Your book is a great asset and the class is really into it.")

- John Paul
Program Director
New Country 98.7, KUPL, Portland, OR
Mt Hood Community College, Portland, OR

"I've been reviewing your  textbook (Creating Powerful Radio)  and you have hit a grandslam. I'm developing  a radio program at a community college & your book is by far the best.  
 For several semesters I didn't use a textbook while working at  a state university because all the books I examined where irrelevant, largely  because they lacked a perspective from a professional, major-market talent who has worked in the trenches.   
This book is one that my students must purchase. Thanks for putting your wisdom into a textbook! "   
 - Bobby Salazar Smith
Vaughn, NM
"Creating Powerful Radio" has become a required textbook as part of the curriculum for Hudson Valley Community College's broadcast radio course."
- Buzz Brindle
Broadcast Instructor - Radio
Hudson Valley Community College

"I’m using Creating Powerful Radio in my intro to Broadcasting class."
- Prof. Peter Seward
Southern Vermont College
Hunter Division of Humanities
Mansion 361
Bennington, VT 05201

"I will be using "...Powerful Radio" as the text in an introductory radio production course in the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. My students (sophomores) will be producing a half-hour news and information program weekly once we get to the fourth week of classes. I think the book is going to be a useful guide for them."
     -Doug Caldwell
Adjunct Professor
School of Communication and Journalism
University of St. Thomas.

"I am contacting to you ask permission to recommend your book Creating Powerful Radio in one of my training courses on P1 Selling. I think it is a book that every on air personality should read."                            - Katey McGuckin-Woolam                                 
P1 Selling, LLC 

"Manchester Community College will be adopting Creating Powerful Radio for my Broadcast Performance class starting this Fall 08!" 
- Albert Kim, Instructor-Communication
& Faculty Advisor-MCC I.C.E. Radio Station
Manchester Community College
Great Path, M.S. #19
Manchester, CT  06045-1046
Office: Lowe Rm. 218-e
Phone: (860) 512-2797
Fax: (860) 512-2661
Listen live (starting 5/7/08):




The Powerful Radio Workbook

"This publication provides a wealth of material that would make it good reading for a broadcast performance or radio production course and contains valuable lessons for aspiring radio talent in college and university broadcast programs around the globe.   It is easy to read and digest.  This book also deserves a place on the office bookshelves of radio station program directors."
   - Edward T. Arke
Messiah College, Grantham, PA
(From the BEA Journal of Radio Studies, review of Valerie Geller's Powerful Radio Workbook.") To read the full review, click here

"I'm submitting this book to my chair! One more for Creating Powerful Radio!"
     - Tina Anderson
roadcast Instructor, Saddleback College
email  -                      

"I teach broadcasting classes and am trying to get a radio talk show class off the ground next summer. I've just submitted Creating Powerful Radio to my chair. I want the book.  It's the only book I, or any of my colleagues have found that deals specifically with what we are looking for."
     - Dave Strukel
Lecturer, The University of Toledo
Mail Stop 915 - 2801 W. Bancroft Street
Toledo, OH 43606-3390
"I tell everyone who approaches me for a job...I won't even consider them for an opening unless they can be ready to recite chapter and verse of "Creating Powerful Radio" and know stuff from the "Powerful Radio Workbook."
     - John McMullen
Director - News, Talk & Sports Programming
Morris Desert Radio Group,Palm Springs, California 
Examples of college  or university station websites using the "Powerful Radio Principles"
   "The instructor’s manual for Creating Powerful Radio is fantastic.  The course I teach at Briarwood is called “Newscasting & Announcing.” We’re swinging this course in a more practical direction, and that’s why your book (and it’s amazingly equally powerful instructor’s guide) became my choice. [In this class] they’ll be writing, but my thing is to teach them the theory and zen behind what makes powerful radio… more engaging, motivational and inspirational to some guy or girl who’s simply hot to get their first gig at a station. So thanks again for the instructor’s manual!  I’ve only begun to pour thru the 100+ pages, and everything I’ve seen so far rocks big time!  Most textbooks don't go this far!  I had no idea you’d go into this much elaborate detail in structuring the materials, classroom exercises and discussion topics for the teacher.  Very, very, very nice.   Thanks!  I already appreciate it."

- Tom Zarecki
Instructor:  Newscasting & Announcing
Briarwood College,
Southington, CT
 email -

"Packed with insights, well written, and fun to read.
It's obvious why so many radio people consider this book 'a must!' "
   - John Sawatsky

Professor of Journalism
Carleton University,
Ottawa, ON, Canada

"I recommend it to everyone and I use it in my classes.
I love this book."
     - Jo Maeder (The Rock 'N Roll Madame)
Air personality/ Adjunct Broadcast Instructor
New York University, NY

"Creating Powerful Radio has been valuable for use in Introduction to Radio and Media classes and I recommend it for any class with Production elements.
     - Monique Fortune
Adjunct Instructor
Dept. of Communications and Media Studies
Fordham University, NY

"Creating Powerful Radio might eventually make an executive's job at a satellite formatted affiliate much tougher."
   - Professor Peter Hunn
Communications Studies Department
State University of New York, Oswego

“Creating Powerful Radio offers understandable, digestible, and practical tips to aspiring radio hosts that I have not found anywhere else. From “interested is interesting” to “never be boring," Geller’s catchy, pithy tips are invaluable.  I teach a radio hosting class and have used the Creating Powerful Radio books from day one.”  
     - Brad Pomerance
Host - CNN-TV
Adjunct Professor
Whittier College, CA

"I will be using this book in my summer classes and recommending that my colleagues do the same when they teach the course."
     - Andrew M. Clark, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication
The University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, TX



"We are submitting this book for adoption in my MC342 Radio Programming Strategies course."
-Bruce Mims, Ph.D. Professor
Faculty Advisor, KDMC 103.7
Department of Communication
107 Grauel  MS 2750
Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, MO  63701

"I wish I had this book when I started as a broadcaster. It should be on every teacher's booklist!"
   -Hanne Vennemo
Executive Producer/Project Manager
NRK Radio & TV - Oslo, Norway

"Fun to read.  I wish I had this book when I was a new radio programmer…it would have come in handy!"

  - Brenda K. Jaskulske, M.A.
Senior Lecturer
Department of Communication
University of Texas - Arlington


"I've decided to use the Focal Press edition of Creating Powerful Radio as the text for my
radio class.  It does a good job covering a wide  variety of topics that we
cover in Comm 424 Radio Programming."
 - Steve Winzenburg
Communication Professor
Grand  View College
Des Moines, IA
"I'm an adjunct professor at Nyack Christian College, using your latest book as the text. I could not think of a better source of knowledge for these up and coming broadcasters."
     - Stacey Stone, STAR 99.1/WAWZ
Adjunct Professor at Nyack Christian College


1.   Creating Powerful Radio          
2.   Finding & Developing Talent   
3.   Generators & Reactors          
4.   Performance & Formatics
5.   Morning Shows
6.   From Rock to Talk
7.   Talk Shows
8.   Integrating News & Talk
9.   Interviews
10.  Show Prep
11.  Producers 
12.  Call Screening 
13.  High Ego Talent
14.  News
15.  Traffic & Weather Together
16.  Newswriting
17.  News - Anchoring 
18.  Multi-version News
19.  News - Integrating Radio & TV
20.  Public Service Announcements
21.  Avoiding Burnout
22.  Airchecking
23.  Promotion
24.  Sales & Commercials
25.  LifeStage Demographics
26.  Research
27.  Final Notes to Creative Talent

 Radio Announcing
 Intro to Broadcasting
 Radio Broadcasting I
 Radio Broadcasting II
 Radio Practicum
 Audio Production
 Introduction to Radio
 Introduction to Radio Announcing
 Broadcast Announcing
 Introduction to Broadcast Journalism 
 Broadcast Performance
 Radio Interviewing 
 Radio (and Internet) Reporting
 Introduction to Mass Communications
 Newscasting & Announcing
 Introduction to Radio Newscasting
 Introduction to Radio Sportscasting
 Radio Production 
 Introductory Radio Production  -Department of Communication and  Journalism
 News Announcing II - RTV436JA -
 Intro to Talk Hosting
 The Radio Producer 
 MC342 Radio Programming Strategies
 News for the Music Format
 Podcast Workshop
 Radio Podcasting
 Radio Broadcasting II
 Writing for Radio 
 JMC 336 course
 Radio Sportscasting
 Radio Writing & Newscasting
 Commercial Announcing
 Internet Radio
 Special Topics Radio: Talk Radio I
 Radio Production II Intermediate
 Radio Interviewing
 Radio Sales
 Radio Marketing & Promotion
 Radio Programming
 Radio Station Management
 Career Preparation – Radio
 Career Preparation – Radio Sports
 Writing for Radio
 Advanced Radio Production
For more information  Creating Powerful Radio by  Valerie Geller Focal Press 2007 

International Broadcast Consultant VALERIE GELLER is president of Geller Media International working with top broadcasting organizations throughout the world - to help get, keep and grow audiences using the Creating Powerful Radio methods.  A noted trainer, talent coach, and seminar and workshop leader, Geller specializes in news, talk, information and personality radio and TV,  Radio Ink magazine named Geller among one of America's "Most Influential Women in Radio, with more than 30 years experience, Geller's background includes programming WABC in New York.  Her latest book Creating Powerful Radio: Getting, Keeping & Growing Audiences available from Focal Press is considered  by many broadcasters to be a "bible" in the industry. For more information please visit Email:


For the Hungarian translated edition


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  Let us know!

(C) Creating Powerful Radio - Getting, Keeping & Growing Audiences

"I am the radio station advisor/instructor for KLPR-FM at
the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I teach the JMC 336 course each semester, which is a workshop from which I draw staff for the station.
This semester I am using Creating Powerful Radio.  The students love
the writing style and the conversational flow of the book and are learning
a great deal."  
- Elle Scholwin, J.D.
Radio Station Advisor/Lecturer - Communications
University of Nebraska, Kearney, NE

Geller Media International president, broadcast consultant, and talent trainer, Valerie Geller just signed a new book deal with Focal Press for "BEYOND POWERFUL RADIO - A COMMUNICATOR'S HANDBOOK FOR THE INTERNET AGE" slated for publication in the spring of 2011.  This will be Geller's fourth book, her third, "Creating Powerful Radio - Getting, Keeping & Growing Audiences" is now in a third printing from Focal Press. 

Geller Awarded. Geller Media International President, Consultant and Creating Powerful Radio author Valerie Geller accepting the Conclave's highest honor, the"Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award" presented by Edison Research & Editor Sean Ross in Minneapolis July 16, 2010.